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Delivery Services Can Make Mom Life Easier

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Delivery services make mom life easier, Honest Company Delivery

My Favorite Delivery Services that Make Mom Life Easier

Adjusting to your new “norm” upon bringing home your baby can be very challenging. You may find that your typical day to day activities are no longer easy to complete. Whether it be diapers & wipes, meals that allow one less grocery trip, or toy deliveries that help your child achieve monthly milestones. We have so many companies that make us have one less thing to worry about.  The following delivery services have genuinely made a tremendous difference in my life, and I am confident that they can do the same for you.

Honest Company

One of the best things I ever did was signing up for diaper deliveries with the Honest Company. You get seven packs of diapers and four wipes. The prints are beyond adorable, and you can customize your diaper sizes. For example, you can order six size four and one size 5. You can also send back unopened diapers if you ordered the wrong size, or your baby has outgrown a particular size. You can also pick how often you need to order, and the Honest Company app makes editing your bundles extremely easy.

Hello Fresh

When you first come home with your little one, hopefully you are lucky enough to have family and friends who bring over food for you. But once you settle in and you have had all your visitors, you will be back to needing to make meals for your family.  Hello Fresh allows you to pick the number of meals you have delivered and will allow you to skip as many weeks as you’d like. The package comes with everything you need (besides oil and butter), and they are super easy to make. They are so easy that even my husband can make dinner on the nights I’ve had enough.

Grocery Delivery

 Instacart allows you to order from various supermarkets and other stores such as Walmart and CVS. I mainly use Instacart for grocery deliveries, but it is also good to have for last-minute essentials. I remember running out of breastmilk storage bags and having them delivered from CVS. It’s the little things that truly make your life easier.

Lovevery Toy Subscriptions

Being a new mom, I wasted so much money on toys. My husband would come home and say, “why would you waste money on that.” My in-laws bought our daughter the Lovevery toy subscriptions. To this day, we have never gotten a box that our children didn’t like. With the Lovevery toy subscription, get six toy boxes, 0-12 weeks, 3-4 months, 5-6 months, 7-8 months, 9-10 months, 11-12 months. If you are anything like us, you won’t want them to stop once you get these boxes. That’s why Lovevery also offers toy subscriptions for 13 to 36 months. Our daughter also loves the Lovevery Play Gym built to grow with your baby, but it is not provided in the toy subscription. You will not be disappointed in this subscription, plus the toys were designed to help your little ones grow and achieve monthly milestones.

Lovevery Subscription Delivery, Babies love these toys Lovevery Subscription Delivery, Babies love these toys



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