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Mamalocks and the Three Diaper Bags

Itsy Reviews

Move Over Goldilocks, Mamalocks is Here

Since it would be frowned upon in 2020 to enter an empty house and test out items inside, let Mamalocks do the testing for you! Diaper bags, also known as the bag you will carry majority of the time for at least the next couple of years, should be a bag you absolutely love everything about it. Similar to Goldilocks and the Three Bears, I kept trying out different bags until I finally found the one that was “just right.”

Danzo Diaper Boho Bag

Similar to Goldilocks, I happened to stumble across a “house” (a store called ModMama in Cranston, RI) which prompted my first Diaper bag purchase.  I was so excited about this bag, not just because of its quality, but because a friend of mine who just had a baby, said she hated her diaper bag because she couldn’t find anything in it.  Inside this diaper bag, there are different compartments with velcro patches to organize each section.  I loved this idea and felt it was a good way to be able to easily grab what I needed.

The downside to this bag is the fact that it’s a tote.  Now, even though Goldilocks thought the first porridge of too hot, that doesn’t mean that everyone who may have tried that porridge would feel the same way, the same goes for you in terms of how you prefer to wear your diaper bag. Originally, I didn’t mind the diaper tote concept because when I was out and about with Josi, I would put my bag under her seat in our stroller, but as Josi got older, the bag became harder to carry.  If you are looking for a tote or crossbody diaper bag option, you should check out this Danzo Diaper Boho Bag.

Skip Hop Mainframe Wide Open Diaper Backpack

The second diaper bag I purchased was a backpack by Skip Hop. It was really nice in size, giving me the ability to hold all the essentials that I needed and it was under $60. It came with a changing pad, compartments inside to organize and places to put bottles and such.  The downside to this bag was how it zippered shut.  Since the top of the bag has an open structure  (intended to keep the bag open) it took two hands to zip shut and eventually wrestling Josi and all her diaper needs, became a challenge of its own.

I also didn’t like how it was hard to keep clean. Since Josi is constantly getting lathered in Desitin during every diaper change, Desitin is bound to end up on places its not intended to be.  If you have used this diaper paste before, you know it’s merely impossible to wash off of anything.  These cons weren’t the end of the world so if you are looking for a reasonably priced diaper bag, this would be a good option.  But just like Goldilocks testing out the Three Little Bears chairs, I was determined to find a bag that “fit just right.”

Freshly Picked Classic City Pack Faux Leather Diaper Bag

In the words of Mamalocks, “Ahhh this bag is just right.” Finally, Diaper bag #3 was everything I wanted and more. It was fashionable and ruled out all of my cons that I found with my previously purchased bags. Freshly Picked has numerous options and I picked this one based on my reviews from previous bags. Freshly Picked offers an even bigger bag than the one I purchased but similar to the HopSkip bag, this Freshly Picked bag has same kind of zipper system that required both my hands to close. Some people have no issues with that concept but I knew eventually that would drive me crazy.  I also loved this Freshly Picked bag because it’s made of vegan leather which is super easy to clean.

Test Out All the Diaper Bags

At the end of the day, the diaper bags above are all good options, depending on what you are looking for.  For me, Freshly Picked was “just right.” But I know other moms who love diaper bag totes and do not mind the closing system on my HopSkip option. Below, I linked some other diaper bags that I did not personally test out but would explore if I wasn’t obsessed with my Freshly Picked bag. I suggest that instead of following Goldilocks into an “empty house,” you do your research before making your decision. Find a store that sells a diaper bag that you are looking to test out.  Unlike the Three Little Bears, stores will be happy to have you test their products.


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