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Happily Ever After MOMerella

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MOMerella instead of Cinderella

Where is my Happily Ever After?

My Postpartum Journey Through the Lens of Cinderella

In the fairytale Cinderella, a young girl was forced to live with her evil Stepmother and cruel Stepsisters. Cinderella had no choice to be the maid of her Stepfamily, but she never gave up hope. After being invited to a ball at the Palace, Cinderella was hopeful that she would reunite with the handsome stranger, the Prince, who she had met in the woods. However, her Stepmother does everything to keep her from the ball, which leads Cinderella to believe she will never make it on time. But with the help of her Fairy Godmother and little mice friends, Cinderella was able to attend the ball after all. Although Cinderella had to be home by the stroke of midnight, eventually, the handsome Prince could find her, which led Cinderella to the Happily Ever After. This caused me to coin the name MOMerella.

MOMerella is incredibly fitting, if I do say so myself! I couldn’t help but laugh when I came up with this name. This happened after a day filled with hours of endless laundry, meal prepping, and family meltdowns (husband included). I couldn’t help but feel like I was the 2020 version of Cinderella (before her Happily Ever After that is). It seemed as soon as I had completed one task, my Stepmother (aka my Toddler) was adding another thing to my list. Although days like those can be rough, similar to Cinderella, I still tried to find the upside, even during the craziest days.

MOMerella's Little Princess MOMerella's little pumpkin

Our Very Own Happily Ever After

You may not have mice friends or a Fairy Godmother who can save the day. You may not have a Prince who will go house to house with your missing shoe. But if you think about it, that’s because you are all those magical characters to your child. You are the little Mice running around to keep your child happy and entertained; you are their Fairy Godmother who shows up just in the nick of time with love and their favorite snacks; you are their Prince searching all over the place for their favorite sneakers. Even though you may not be able to end the day riding in a horse and carriage while wearing a beautiful dress, if you take a second to think about it, you are already living a Happily Ever After. Except this Happily Ever After happens be to called Motherhood.

So to my fellow MOMerellas, our days may be long, but the years are short. One day you’ll be able to get all your chores done and end the night with your handsome Prince. Soon you’ll be able to put on your favorite dress for date night. (Minus needing to worry about your child’s sticky fingers ruining your dress). Some day you’ll find both shoes without needing to backtrack every move made that day. Some time soon, you won’t have to be home by midnight (due to the fact that you know your little ones will have you up at the crack of dawn). One day, you’ll find the days you felt like Cinderella during her “pre-royal life” were simply the best days of yours. You were able to give your family a fairytale of a lifetime, and if you ask me, that is the greatest Happily Ever After of them all.

MOMerella and her little pumpkinMOMerella and her family
Professional Photos taken by Sara Zollo.

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