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Little Partners Learning Tower is my Favorite Baby Product

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Little Partners Learning Tower||Tower Attachment

Little Partners Learning Tower

The Little Partners Learning Tower is my favorite baby product. I hesitated on this purchase for a couple of reasons. The first being the price, and lastly, because I was afraid it would become another baby product that took up unnecessary space. However, when my daughter turned one, she became interested in anything I did in the kitchen. She loved to watch me prepare meals, bake, clean up, and even empty the dishwasher. My daily kitchen tasks quickly started to become unachievable. Every time I attempted to complete a task, my child would wrap her little arms around my legs while begging to be picked up. That was when I knew it was time to give Little Partners Learning Tower a try.

The Learning Tower Benefits Your Child’s Growth

This Little Partners Learning Tower allows me cook & bake while keeping my child involved. Whenever I’m cooking something up in the kitchen, I give my daughter a bowl that suctions to the container top and tell her all about the ingredients & utensils we are using. My child gets a kick out of stirring all of the ingredients together with her baby kitchen tools. Luckily for mamas with toddlers, it’s the little things that keep them occupied. Being able to cook and bake with your little ones makes kitchen tasks more enjoyable, while also teaching your child new tricks. Being able to give my daughter an up close and personal view has taught her so much. My child has a kitchen in her playroom, and it amazes me when I see her mimicking our kitchen activities.  

The Learning Tower Attachment

Adding the Little Partners Learning Tower to your kitchen can genuinely make your daily kitchen duties enjoyable for everyone. Even when we are not cooking something up, you’ll find my child enjoying her snacks, “cleaning” the counters, and playing with the Learning Tower Attachment. The attachment comes with a chalkboard, and with these chalk holders, I don’t have to worry about my child snacking on any chalk. The other side of the chalkboard is magnetized, so these magnets added another play option. The attachment can be used from inside or outside the tower, so even when I’m not in the kitchen, I find that Josi stays occupied with this little addition. Little Partners Learning Tower will forever be one of my most raved about baby products.


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