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From Moana to MOMana- My Motherhood Voyage

Itsy thoughts

Moana Compared to My Motherhood Journey

Do You Have a Mama “Voyage” of Your Own to Embark On? If so, This Post is All You Need!

The Tale of Te Fiti 

In the movie Moana, it all begins with Tala, Moana’s Grandmother, telling the village children about the tale of Te Fiti, the mother island, whose heart gives the Island life. The story continues with Maui’s development, a shapeshifter stealing the heart of Te Fiti. This causes the mother island to slowly fall to pieces, bringing life to Te Ka, a demon. Tala concludes her story by telling the children that Te Ka and his army are still searching for the heart of Te Fiti. One day, someone will have to retrieve the heart to restore the villages land. 

Moana Compared to Motherhood

Similar to Te Fiti, Mothers around the world use their hearts to bring life to their children. During your motherhood journey, you may encounter people with negative comments about your parenting approach. Some will make you feel like you are doing something wrong, while others may give their opinions out of love. You may find people similar to Maui, who do not intend any harm but ultimately leave you feeling insufficient. 

Moana felt a constant need to be around the Ocean. My daughter’s ultimate need was needing to be held every time she slept. The only independent sleep she had (for the first couple of months was her life) was the night she was born. By night two, our baby went from Te Fiti to Te Ka within a matter of hours. When I tell you our child screamed every time we set her down, I am not kidding. 

Moana knew her Grandmother was hiding something from her, and soon Moana learned her people were formerly Voyagers. When our baby wasn’t sleeping independently, I also felt like something was being hidden from me. I’ve had so many people tell me about much they loved the infant stage.  Many people told me infants mainly sleep and eat.  As much as this was true, having to hold my daughter every second of the day made our early months together extra hard on me.

Taking Cara Babies

It wasn’t until I came across an Instagram account, Taking Cara Babies, that I thought I would restore my own heart of Te Fiti. Just like Moana deciding to take the risk to restore the Mother Island, I put my faith into this positively reviewed sleep program. However, just like Moana, I knew this journey included some unforeseen obstacles along the way. 

Moana’s father’s disapproval of Moana’s love for the Ocean has an undeniable similarity to my family’s feelings. Many people, including my husband, weren’t on board with the Taking Cara Babies program’s sleep tips. For months I argued with my husband to jump ship. I knew I had to follow Taking Cara Babie’s sleep strategies to get our child to sleep. So just like Moana, I followed my heart and knew what had to be done. 

All You Need 

When Moana followed her heart and found Maui, they were able to restore Te Fiti. No matter what your current motherhood voyage is, I hope this post helps you. I hope it helps you realize that you can find the answers you have been seeking by following your heart. I knew what needed to change to get our child to sleep independently. Although it took my husband some time to board my ship, once he did, it was as though we had just defeated Te Ka together.


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