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Music Class & Musical Toys For Your Little Ones

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Music Class

Our little one loves nothing more than music, and I think her big smile says it all. As soon as music of any sort comes on, you’ll find her ‘shaking it’ to the beat. I knew I had to get her into a Mommy and Me music class, and Rock-a-Baby was the perfect fit for us. Although she is still pretty timid with the giant puppets in class, she is slowly but surely warming up. Nothing is better than seeing her progress week after week, and what is better than music class & toys? I love how each week, a new musical toy is introduced and explored. If you are in Massachusetts or Rhode Island, you’ll want to give Rock-a-Baby a try, and if you’re not, do your homework and find a music class closer to you.

Music Class & Toys at Home

Unfortunately, when Covid-19 hit, our little’s one music class had to be postponed. However, I wanted to try and keep a sense of normalcy to her weekly routine. That was when I decided to have our very own class that I like to call Music Class & Toys. The toys linked below keeps my little one bopping and moving while stimulating her little mind. I was able to find a lot of musical toys used during our mommy and me music class. She loves the shakers, the little rattles, and other toys that light up while playing music. I also let her watch Cocomelon, which has taught her numerous nursery songs that she sings by herself. Music is a great way to get your child to say and learn new words. If your child loves music as much as mine, you’ll want to look at our favorite musical toys. I linked some of our favorites below. Does your child have a musical toy that you want to share? Feel free to comment below; I always love exploring new options!



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