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A Fairy Tale of My Own- Beauty & the Lax Player

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Fairy Tale of Our Own

Beauty & The Lax Player

Our Love Story Told Through Beauty and The Beast

In the story “Beauty and the Beast,” a prince is cursed by a sorceress, causing him to appear as a monstrous beast. It had been said that this was due to the Prince living a selfish life, ultimately only caring about himself. To break the curse, the Beast must find a woman, fall in love, and be loved by her in return. Although I was never technically cursed, I did have several failed relationships. To create my fairy tale, I had to take a step back and think about what I truly needed from my ‘Beast.’

If someone were to tell my parents ten years ago that I would be living my “Happily Ever After” with my handsome Prince, they would say to you that you were crazy. You see, growing up, I was always the wild child, the girl who took the word “no” as a challenge. Ultimately, I lived a very carefree life. My dad would tell you I was a “loser magnet.” He would also go on to say my husband, Zac, was the first boyfriend I brought home, which he liked.

Getting Rid of the Gaston’s

Before meeting Zac, I had numerous failed attempts in creating my fairy tale. Many of my ‘Prince Charming’s’ ended up being more like Gaston clones. Years and years of toxic relationships led me to believe that I wasn’t meant to have a fairy tale of my own. There are many reasons why my past relationships didn’t work. The biggest, in my opinion, was that I always felt I loved myself more. Now, I’m not saying that self-love isn’t necessary because it most certainly is. But let’s say I wasn’t jumping in front of a wolves pack to save my past Gaston’s. However, all of that changed when I met my Zac.

Giving My “Beast” a Chance

The saying, “when you know, you know,” couldn’t be proven more accurate in our fairy tale. Zac and I both went to the same college and were both College Athletes. Like Belle not wanting to have dinner with the Beast, I initially was not interested in dinner with Zac either. Not because he was a loud, obnoxious Gaston, but simply because he was younger than me.

However, my roommates kept telling me to give him a chance. I eventually agreed to the date to get them off my back. Just like the Beast and Belle during their first dinner, things weren’t exactly a fairy tale. Zac originally came across extremely shy and didn’t speak a single word on our way to dinner. Anyone who knows me knows that kind of personality doesn’t jive with mine. However, fast forward to later that night and one Ugly Sweater Party later, my life was forever changed.

Like Belle needing to discover the kind person the Beast truly was, I had to do the same with Zac. I had to set aside my preexisting notions based on failed relationships. I had give Zac a chance to show me his true colors. The shy boy who didn’t speak two words on the way to dinner quickly turned into the man in my life who gave me the best advice. The man who always knew what to say to cheer me up, and the man who didn’t allow me to give up when things got tough. Similar to the Beast turning into the handsome Prince right before Belle’s eyes, Zac did the same. ┬áHe went from the quiet, younger lacrosse player to the man I knew I wanted to create my fairy tale with.

Happily Ever After

I can still recall our first date, our first kiss, the first time he told me he loved me, and I think there’s something extraordinary about that. I kissed many Gaston’s in my day, and luckily for me, Zac wasn’t one of them. After spending three days straight with Zac, I knew we were creating the first of many fairy tale chapters. Of course, just like any other love story, we have had our fair share of ups and downs along the way, but the triumphs outweigh the struggles by afar.

My husband truly is my soulmate, the man who broke my curse of toxic relationships and made my parents the happiest of all. Zac brings out the best in me, and I bring out the best in him. And I bet if we could ask the Beast, he would agree when I say; nothing is better than loving someone who loves back just as much.


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