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Swaddles for Sleeping Beauties

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The Story Of My Sleeping Beauty

However, one evil fairy came to the celebration. Before the evil fairy vanished, she cursed the Princess by saying, “on your sixteenth birthday, you’ll touch a spindle and die!” After the little Princess had an evil spell placed upon her, a young fairy was sent to the palace. This fairy said, “I can’t take the evil witch’s curse, but I’ll try to help. When the Princess touches spindle, she’ll not die but instead fall into a deep sleep and will only wake with a kiss of a prince who loves her.”

Similar to Sleeping Beauty, I feel as though I was too cursed. I had the beautiful Princess I’ve always wanted, but Josi refused to sleep without being held. Josi, not resting on her own, made me doubt and question myself every day. I knew I had to do something to break this evil curse. But instead of needing a handsome Prince to break the spell, my solution was a magic Swaddle. Although Josi’s naps were a whole other battle (read my MOMana post to see how I tackled those), with the help of some of my favorite sleep swaddles, Josi started sleeping all night long.

My Favorite Swaddles

Love To Dream

When Josi was about eight weeks old, I made the best purchase of my life, the Love To Dream swaddle. During this time, Josi slept in between us in her DockATot, but was still waking up throughout the night. But once I put her in this “magic” swaddle, she slept ALL NIGHT. Before this swaddle, Josi woke up 2-3 times a night, which meant we were un-swaddling and re-swaddling her all night long. She loved this swaddle because it kept her hands near her face, just like she was during our ultrasounds. If you find your baby likes to have their hands near their face when sleeping, this is the swaddle for you.

Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit

We never used this sleepsuit simply because Josi loved sleeping on her belly. However, I’ve heard great things about this sleepsuit and know many moms who swear by this. This sleep sack is intended for babies 3-9 months, so if your baby likes to sleep on their back, this is a swaddle you should try.

Nested Bean Zen Sack Classic

This sleep sack has a weight in the middle of the swaddle. The purpose of this weight is to give your baby the calming feeling of having your palm on their chest. Being held was the only way Josi would nap, so I knew I had to figure out how she could rest alone. This sleep sack did calm her down and tricked her into thinking I was holding her. Once she transitioned to her crib, I would put the sleep sack on backward, which meant the weight was on her back. This sleepsack saved me and worked until she started to roll from back to belly to sleep.

Halo Sleepsack Wearable Blanket

Before purchasing the Halo sleep sack, we were contemplating getting rid of a sleep sack altogether. However, upon further research, I learned that sleep sacks serve as a blanket and help keep your babes inside their cribs. Josi loves to climb, so having her in this Halo sleep sack prevents her from an easy crib escape. To this day, Josi still uses her Halo sleep sack.

Modern Day Swaddles

I still remember those daunting nights when I woke my husband to re-swaddle our baby. No matter what I did, I could never wrap the swaddle quite like my OCD husband. Knowing how to swaddle your baby is excellent. But being considered millennial moms, gives us access to the newest products for our children. Products such as swaddles designed to make “mom life” a little easier. Instead of taking the old fashion, time-consuming, aggravating route, take a look at my favorite functional swaddles. Hopefully these swaddles can help your baby sleep like Sleeping Beauty.


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