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Magnetic Me Deserves a Nobel Prize

Itsy Reviews

Move over snaps and buttons, Magnetic Me is here for the win!

Nothing is worse than needing to unbutton & unsnap your baby outfits or pajamas, especially when you have a wiggly, squirmy baby. Magnetic Me deserves a noble prize for coming up with this design. Magnetic Me uses magnets instead of snaps or buttons to close. When Josi was still a newborn, Magnetic me sleep sacks and pajamas were my saving grace. Their footsies and coveralls are cute enough to wear out of the house and made those public changes much less stressful. I cannot stress enough how helpful these Magnetic Me options are, especially during those late-night wake-ups/changes and when you are out and about and need to do a quick diaper change.

Be the Star at the Next Baby Shower

Magnetic Me is the ultimate game changer and Josi still wears their pajamas and outfits almost everyday. ┬áIf you have any family members or friends who you are looking to buy baby presents for, Magnetic Me is such a great gift option, plus you’re bound to score some brownie points for introducing this company to them. If you haven’t checked out Magnetic Me, add them to your list.


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