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Mommy & Me Classes Can Benefit You & Your Child

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Little Gym Benefits for your Babes

I love taking Josi to Mommy and Me groups for multiple reasons. The Little Gym is one of my favorites. Each week, the class has a different “theme” which allows your child to learn how to use a variety of gym equipment. You also learn new sign language associated with the week’s theme. Through various physical activities, I have noticed a big difference in Josi’s overall balance, strength, and coordination. During her first couple of classes, she was terrified of the high bars and the balance beams. One of the activities was to grip onto a high bar with the assistance of an instructor. Josi refused to grip onto the bar and would cry to be put down. Fast forward a couple months and now, Josi loves to hold on to the high bar and begs for me to help her walk the entire length of the balance beam. The Little Gym also helped improve Josi’s listening skills. Similar to other babies, she has a hard time sitting still and is easily distracted, but Josi is learning when she needs to sit and listen versus when it’s time for “free play.” She is also understanding how to play nice with other babies by sharing and “being gentle.”

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Little Gym Benefits for Mamas

The Little Gym has contributed to Josi’s overall development as well as my overall wellbeing. Being home with Josi majority of the time, caused me to do the same song and dance, day in and day out. By adding The Little Gym to our weekly schedule, it has encouraged me to come up with my own routine and makes our days go by faster. Josi gets to run around which makes her afternoon nap a bit longer and I can socialize with other moms. I have met so many great women through these classes and it’s been so good to hear that many of them go through the same mom struggles as me. I highly recommend finding a Little Gym near you!

Outfits for your Baby at Little Gym

Comfort is key for you and your baby when taking them to The Little Gym. Adults are allowed to wear socks but your child needs to be barefoot. I always put Josi and I in outfits that we can easily move in. This is because you’ll quickly find out you are running around just as much as your child. I also try to avoid putting Josi in outfits that are hard to take on and off. Nothing upsets Josi more than taking her out of class for a diaper change. I have found unexpected diaper changes are less of a struggle by putting Josi in the right outfit. Take a look at some of our favorites Little Gym outfits below.


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