Holiday Decor

The White Christmas You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Holiday Decor


Are you dreaming of a White Christmas?

If you have been dreaming of a White Christmas, me and Bing Crosby have you covered. (See what I did there?). Growing up, my mother always put garland with white lights around every doorway and all along the stairs’ railings. I remember begging her to decorate and the happiness it brought. Nothing is better than waking up every morning to a house full of lights.

Below, you will see my favorite “White Christmas” inspired decor that I knew I had to share. This gift guide features the cutest ornaments, pom pom Garlin and little niche nacks that will make your heart burst with Holiday spirit. This shop guide has covered all of the necessary bases. If you have the decorating bug, tell the Holiday scrooges and Nancy’s to have a seat. Get an early start to your Holiday decorating and blast your favorite Christmas tunes while you’re at it.


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